Friday, July 14, 2006
Friday List Blogging

Things I Love

companionly silences between friends
hands (especially men's hands)
driving fast on an empty highway late at night
having my back scratched
the London Underground
overhearing conversations in foreign languages
drinking with small groups of friends
my mom's stroganoff
art nouveau
beautiful young men
old photographs of people I don't know
my friends' flaws
my friends' kids

Things I Hate

people who can't not talk
people trying to convert me (to anything)
long airplane trips
calling someone I don't know
asking for favors
the concept that physical beauty indicates character
jazz (musical barf)
Girls Gone Wild commercials
cheap book bindings
slow trucks that try to pass marginally slower trucks on the interstate
cinemas that serve popcorn in paper bags
books used as pedestals for other, non-book objects
bad religious art (including church sign platitudes)

Obviously these are not exhaustive lists.

Now you.
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