Saturday, July 01, 2006
I Think This Pretty Much Sums Up The Whole Problem

Oh, for fuck's sake:

A Memphis church that claims a membership of 12,000 will unveil a 72-foot-tall statue during Fourth of July services.

The Statue of Liberation looks a lot like the Statue of Liberty, but the famous torch is replaced by a cross. Instead of the inscription about giving the lady the tired and poor, there are Roman numerals for the Ten Commandments.


Jeebus sez, "fuck the tired and poor!" To put this into perspective, the actual statue of liberty is only 151 feet tall. This mother-of-all-lawn-ornaments is going to tower over Winchester Avenue from her perch outside the Jesus-Go-Round.

This is so embarrassing. The more I see of Christians, the more I lean atheist.
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