Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Between having lots of work to do and fretting over the state of the world, somehow I just haven't been able to bring myself to do much blogging lately. Much of what populates life at the moment doesn't seem to bear commenting on. It is what it is, and vociferous disagreement isn't going to change anything. On the other hand, writing about anything other than the big, obvious things seems to buy into a foolish state of denial.

So instead, I just sit on the sofa and watch Andy Kaufman DVDs.

What, like you can blame me? Look at mess we've gotten ourselves into: the middle east is imploding, our economy is in the shitter, we have a mouth-breathing moron in the White House, everyone on earth hates us, and I can barely afford to step out the door. It's like 1981 all over again, except this time we haven't got an Andy. So I'm just making due with the dead one.

Who's the most subversive comedian working today? I mean, subversive now. George Carlin is great and all, but he hasn't told a genuinely edgy joke in at least a decade. Dave Chappelle was looking pretty good there for a while, but then he wussed out when the pressure started to mount. I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as much as the next girl, but they're too comfortable behind their respective desks to raise much hell. Where's my next great hope? I'm so afraid s/he's doing amazing work in some shitty little club somewhere in Canada (or worse, Scotland), and I won't even hear about him/her until six years after s/he ODs on speedballs or succumbs to some gruesome disease.

So I'm taking nominations for my next comedy hero. What have you got for me? Who do you know about that I don't know about?
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