Friday, July 14, 2006

Lots of ugly news this week. I don't have much insight into any of it, so I don't plan to write much on the subject. Except to say this: I hope Hailey's okay.

Hailey was a girl I knew for a few months at school in Vermont. She was an RA in the dorm in which I lived, and I liked her. She left after her sophomore year to go study middle eastern dance in Beirut. One of the last conversations I had with her, in the dorm kitchen, was about her plans. We talked about how exciting Beirut sounded, how great it was that the city was starting to come back. How it was nice that there were parts of the "war-torn middle east" where an American girl could go to study and feel reasonably safe. I was, I have to be honest, a little envious. I wanted to go see Beirut, too.

Now I just hope she's back over here and safe, and not stuck in a city that's being bombed. I have no way of finding out whether she is or not, just my quiet little hope for someone I don't really know.

Those are the risks we take, I suppose. But I do hope she's okay.
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