Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is simultaneously the best and worst part of the process. I've got three days till we shoot this video, and I'm already doing some testing and experimenting on found footage -- which is later than I wanted to start doing that, really, but there were impediments. Which isn't a big deal; just one of those things. That's why I always build a little extra space into every schedule. I'm a clever sausage.

But it means that over the next few days I'm going to be a mess -- my mind is completely consumed by the thing at hand; I'm spending every waking minute thinking about this project. And that makes me happy, but it also makes me twitchy. I have lists upon lists -- things I still have to do, notes to help me get them done, daily agendas and reminders so nothing slips past me. I spent five hours tonight playing with footage -- I only meant to stop by quickly and look at a few things, but then I had an idea, and once I start it's hard to stop. I had to force myself to leave so I could come home and get some sleep (I'm trying to work myself into a diurnal schedule for the shoot, though I'll be back on vampire's hours once the shoot's over and I'm editing in earnest.) But in order to do it, I had to force myself to leave a technical problem unresolved -- and if there's anything that can absorb my time more completely than editing, it's solving technical problems. (I know Macs are supposed to be the shit and all, and I know FCP is the best tool around for us indie film people, but sometimes it fills me with rage and despair. Is basic video format compatibility really too much to ask for?)

So now I'm home, but all I can think about is getting back to my technical problem so I can try out a few solutions and then eventually get back to my editing. Sleep isn't going to come easily tonight.

PS: Get it? "Reeling"? Like, film reels... okay, never mind.
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