Wednesday, August 02, 2006
They Will Know We Are Xtians By Our Love

Only unintentionally related to previous posts, but still damn funny. Bobby Henderson, the original proponent of Flying Spaghetti Monster creationism, blogs all of his hate-mail from hate-filled fanatics loving Christians, and thus we get to read this minor epic concerning one Casey Powell, amateur holy warrior.

First the bile...

I do believe you are a fucking retard and I hope you burn in hell. Fuck you and the flying spaghetti monster. Postmodernism is a self defeating concept. Read Josh McDowell's book for a good overview of what life is truly about you dumbass humanist. You obviously think life is just a big damn joke. Its all for humor and entertainment. I look forward to the day it fucks you right in the ass.

... then the legal threats...

You have 2 options. One you take my name off of your site, you take the messages off of your site that were posted by you and you take my e-mail off of your site. In the event that you don't, I sue you for $400,000 for libel and invasion of privacy (and I'm not kidding about that either). You have 24 hours to decide which alternative you would rather go through.

...then the disavowal...

I'm trying to tell you that I, Casey Powell, did not write the message. Somehow, it was posted by someone who broke into my yahoo account which is the reason I am not using the yahoo account to contact you now. I can't even get into the other yahoo account Bobby. I am terminating the account due to privacy issues. So while it was from my yahoo account, I personally did not write it, which is why I'm trying to ask you to remove my name from it.

... and then the punchline, which you can read for yourselves. Suffice to say that not only does Mr. Powell not understand how evolution works, he also doesn't understand how IP addresses work.

PS: What this country really needs is to have the Eight "I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts" posted in every church vestibule in the nation.
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