Thursday, August 17, 2006
Thursday Self-Experimentation Blogging

So, you've heard about this guy who's designed a youth-deterrant based on the idea that teenagers can hear things that adults can't, right? It produces a high-frequency pulse of sound that will, in theory, irritate teenagers into going away. He figures 15,000 Hz is the right spot.

Having heard a couple of samples of the device, though, I have to disagree strongly -- because I can hear that shit clear as a bell, and I'm a loud-music-listening 30-year-old.

There are some other samples here, mostly provided for curiosity's sake, of frequencies up to 25,000 Hz, which is theoretically well outside the human hearing range. Judging from these samples (which may or may not be a good idea) my hearing threshhold is about 17,000 Hz. That's the point at which I can consciously hear the tone being played. But here's the strange thing, and I want other people's thoughts on this: while I can't "hear" anything above that, on up to about 22,000 Hz, I do feel a peculiar, mildly-unpleasant tension -- sort of a magnetic feeling right behind my eyes. If that's "hearing" then it's hearing in the same way that rubbing your eyes for prolonged periods produces "seeing." Is it real, or is it just my imagination?

Now I want another set of samples of low frequencies.
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