Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Almost Autumn

Yesterday was a lovely day here -- wet and cool. I made friends with rain in London, and ever since then the first cool, rainy day of the season always makes me happy. Today is gorgeous -- mild, sunny, breezy, perfect. It's a good day for running around barefoot making big, expansive circles in the sunshine, if you like that sort of thing.

I wasn't made for this oppressively hot climate, so for me the beginning of autumn feels more like spring. After the contant indoors of summer, the arrival of fall means I can finally go back outside. Winter is good, too; there's not much of a winter in Mississippi (apart from our one annual ice storm) and I miss New England snow sometimes. But I only miss the first few days of snow. The last four or five months of snow, not so much. I can live without April snow.

Anyway... I'm going for a walk before I head up to the city to work.

PS: Arrrrr.

(Sorry, my heart's just not in it this year.)
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