Saturday, September 02, 2006
Can't Think Of A Real Title

We begin shooting this video today -- my first (and probably their first, too) -- and I've spent the last 24 hours fretting over whether I'm under-prepared. And if I'm not under-prepared, then whether I'm over-prepared. Is it possible to be both at once? I knocked myself out with a pill last night so I wouldn't spend the whole night tying myself in mental knots, and I woke up this morning feeling as balanced as I think I can for a shoot morning. We'll meet for breakfast in a little while, and from there, if my plan works, it'll be like sliding into a warm bath. By tomorrow, I'll wish we could keep shooting all week. Either that, or we'll all be pouting in different corners. But probably not. We'll see.

I'm going in with no set script to follow, and no pre-conceived vision of what it'll look like. I have glimpses of it in my mind, and I have a list of ideas for shots if we get stuck, but I don't have a shot-by-shot image of the entire film in my mind as I normally would with a non-doc film. If anything, my approach with this has been to make the shoot as much like shooting a documentary as possible -- I know I take doc shooting more easily in stride, which leaves me freer to do my best work. In some respects this is the perfect format in which to experiment with new methods; playing this loose on a predefined narrative film would be disastrous, but here, where there's no absolute goal to meet, I can allow the process to be a little more self-propelled. And maybe I'll be able to pick up a few useful new tricks to help make shooting with actors a little less angst-ridden, maybe a little more natural.
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