Thursday, September 07, 2006
God Loves You, But He Loves You More When You Hate Yourself

I think I've found the most dysfunctional religious website in the world (next to Jack Chick's, obviously. Nobody's more fucked-up than that guy.)

"My Secret" is an orgy of self-shaming, a place where people who get off on guilt can really get down and roll around in it. Don't look for anything too lurid here -- these sins and secrets are generally all of the garden variety: people who look at pornography; closeted gays and lesbians; married men who think about sex with other women; women who are no longer interested in their husbands; a few drunks and pot smokers; girls who gave in to their boyfriends before they married them (those dirty sluts); and people who -- *gasp!* -- masturbate.

You know, the unforgiveable stuff.

And then, predictably (because while they don't announce it at the outset, this website is run by some batshit fundamentalists) they pray for forgiveness for these incredibly lame sins and ask Jesus to change their lives. The entire premise seems awfully suspect to me -- the church offers titillation, but delivers stern disapproval and a heavy dose of guilt. Some of these "confessions" are heart-breaking, though not in the way they were intended to be -- people who attempted suicide because they felt wretched and worthless, girls who were ashamed when their bodies began to change earlier than the others, gay men who've married women and struggle with self-loathing because they don't love their wives, people wracked with guilt because they doubt the existence of god. And instead of being told that these are not sins -- that in fact these experiences are all an inherent part of being human and of being themselves, and that self-inflicted shame will only make their problems worse -- they're told to beg Jesus to forgive them for their wickedness.

The only people who should be ashamed here are these so-called loving Christians. What a sickening fucking waste. And we're supposed to be the "evil" ones.
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