Thursday, September 07, 2006
Thursday Already?!

Where did my week go? I remember coming home completely exhausted, and then I spent a lot of time sitting in a room looking at a screen, and now it's Thursday. WTF? And I'm not even done yet, not even close!

One of the things that always bothered me, back when the Co-op was still doing workshops, was people who would come up to me to discuss their nascent urge to make films, and say something along the lines of, "... but I want to start with something easy, so I'm going to make a documentary first."

And I always wanted to box their little ears and say, "Documentary is NOT easy. Documentary is the hardest thing in the world, little noob, and it'll break you if you fall in love with it."

Which would've been slightly hyperbolic, but might've made my point. In reality, documentary is "easy" in the sense that it's much harder to make a genuinely bad doc than it is to make a bad dramatic film. You can film almost any old bullshit and people will say, "oh, yes, how interesting." However, it's also much, much harder to make a genuinely good documentary than to make a good dramatic film. And the payoff is a lot smaller.

In light of this, I think a modest mea culpa is in order. It turns out, making music videos is not "easy" at all -- it is, in fact, some seriously fucking tricky shit. Some aspects of it are easier, but the hard parts will kick your cinematic ass. And I'm feeling a little sore today.

I have newfound respect for Spike Jonze.
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