Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last time I saw them, which wasn't too long ago, my favorite aunt and uncle told me about how they used to drive through the Dallas suburbs as beautiful young hippies, way back when, and remind each other, "remember, we're the weirdos."

Words to live by.

Who is it that gets together in mobs and hunts down, tortures and kills people who are different from them? Who is it that teaches modesty, courtesy, and generositv but lives in depravity, rudeness, and greed? Who is it that can gather together the time, energy and money to murder millions and destroy cities for the sake of a flag, deity, or economic system? Not weirdoes, not kooks or cranks or nuts. It's the "Normal" people who do those things.

It's the "Normal" people who believe there's only one "real world" and it's the one THEY'RE living in. It's the "Normal" people who kill each other over differences in that reality, and if someone can't trick themselves into ignoring the millions of inconsistencies or can't gloss over the gaping flaws in that reality-construct, or can't even pretend convincingly that they believe that flimsy and self-contradictory world is ALL TRUE, rather than have their own illusory stability undermined or accept that other ways of thinking and seeing might be valid, the "Normal" people imprison those "mentally ill," and experimentally destroy their personalities by use of drugs, electroconvulsion, and brain surgery.

(by Nenslo, but lifted shamelessly from BB.)

I've been reading a lot about the universe around me these last few months, trying to wrap my head around the nature of reality. And the more I find out about it, the less sense any of it makes. But it certainly does free one from any residual pressure to be "normal."

In sadly related news, Robert Anton Wilson isn't long for this world and is facing dire poverty is his few remaining months. So if you've got some spare cash and value his work, "Bob" will value-match every donation, dollar-for-slack.

PS: Incidentally, that aunt and uncle are still the weirdos.
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