Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Our Broken Democracy

I suppose it's indicative of just how alienated I've become that I've managed to get all the way through the mid-terms without once mentioning the election. Then again, I've barely mentioned anything at all recently, so maybe it's just part of a larger pattern.

Anyway, I've spent the week so far mourning the fact that, since I'm registered to vote in Mississippi, I don't have anything to vote for. But upon re-checking the situation, I find that that may not be true. There's one senatorial race in Mississippi: Trent Lott (boo, hiss) up against a guy named Fleming. And Fleming is a classic Mississippi Democrat -- he's damn near as Republican as the Republican candidate. He's for raising the minimum wage, which I like. But he's a fucking abstinence educator and has history with Lyndon LaRouche. How am I supposed to vote for that shit?

On the other hand, he can't possibly be worse that Trent Lott (boo, hiss.) We agree on some things (he's moderate on abortion, big on education funding, pretty liberal on immigration, acceptable on gay marriage and election reform), but hardly on everything (he's for tax credits for private school, wants to repeal the estate tax, and he's for Social Security privatization). But agreeing with a senator on some things would be a big improvement on agreeing with a senator on absolutely nothing. And it's not like he's going to win anyway.

Voting Democrat in Mississippi is a little like spitting in the desert -- it's futile, a purely symbolic act. I have earnestly gone to the polls in every election since I became old enough to vote, not because it makes any discernable difference (I've never voted in a state that wasn't essentially pre-determined one way or the other), but because it just makes it too goddamn easy on the motherfuckers if I decline to even show up. That's what the bastards want, and I have no intention of giving it to them without a fight, no matter how futile and symbolic.

So I'll probably drag myself off to the polls, just to piss off Trent Lott (boo, hiss.) And then I'll come home and watch it make absolutely no fucking difference. I've gotten used to it.

If you're in a more interesting district, go vote.
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