Thursday, February 01, 2007
An Erratic Outburst of Self-Indulgent Nostalgia

Last night, as sometimes happens, I was reading in bed when my mind latched onto an odd train of thought:

Nickelodeon was so cool when I was a kid; why can't it be like that now?

When I was a girl, Nickelodeon was the ne plus ultra of desirable home amenities for kids. (This is in the days before Nintendo, though that was coming quickly.) If you didn't have cable, you wanted to sleep over at the houses of kids who did, just so you could watch Nickelodeon. And if you did have it, you knew you were one of the lucky ones.

And back then it was unbelievably awesome. The network was barely scraping by, so its schedule was filled with kid-oriented shows picked up from foreign English-speaking countries, mostly British and Canadian imports. Do you remember The Tomorrow People and The Third Eye (especially the series about the labyrinth?) Did you sit through Today's Special and Pinwheel in the mornings even though they pretty much sucked? (Today's Special was particularly noxious titty-baby stuff, but when you're nine years old and the only other option is Donahue, you make do with what you've got.) And I don't think I even have to mention the coolest kids' show ever produced -- we can all just nod our heads in quiet agreement.

Now it's just endless boring cartoons. Yawn.

I'm not that big a TV watcher these days -- I do my Daily Show and some Adult Swim now and then, but not that much otherwise -- but I kinda wish Nickelodeon would start up a new channel mirroring their early days. Call it Nick Classic (or maybe Nick Pretentious Gen-X Hipster), showing nothing but Tomorrow People, Turkey TV and YCDTOTV reruns. Now there's a channel I would watch.
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