Sunday, February 25, 2007
Satisfaction Is...

... Jackson, Mississippi in your rear-view mirror.

I have returned from the documentary wars with seven hours of footage as my trophy. Everything went fine -- there's always more you could shoot, but I think I got everything on my shot list. I hope so, anyway.

Jackson, I'm afraid to say, is a monumentally crappy town. It's run-down, it lacks any discernible cultural scene, and in spite of how black it is, it has this over-arching air of white mediocrity. That said, if you're interested in poverty, it has a lot to offer. From a cultural-studies perspective, you could probably find a rich vein of field evidence to mine in Jackson.

Still, I'm glad I don't have to live there. It makes Memphis look like St. Louis. At least.

I still have one teacher to cover, this one in Indianola. I'm actually really looking forward to that shoot, which will happen in a few weeks. I much prefer shooting in these little delta towns. A city like Jackson has very little visible identity -- it's too small to be recognizable as anything but a generic post-industrial urban zone, but too big to have any focus. In a town like Indianola, on the other hand, the town is so small that everything in it is verging on iconic for the locals. It has more of an awareness of itself, more of an identity, than its supposedly-more-cosmopolitan urban sister.

Anyway, I'm tired now, but I'm home. Tonight I can sleep in my own bed.

PS: Oh... is it Oscar night? Really?

What does it mean when you're so busy making a film that you completely forget about the biggest (read: most familiar) film award of the year?

(Probably that you're doing at least one thing right.)

I haven't even seen many of the nominated docs this year, so I have no opinion. That makes me sad.
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