Thursday, March 22, 2007
Quiet Thursday

The weather has begun to warm up here, and this brief period before the storms and brain-melting heat set in always makes me feel languid. I've decided to take advantage of it by doing some things that often take too long to seem worth doing -- I've got a pot of soon-to-be chicken stock going, and I think I'll be doing some bread baking this weekend. It's been much too long.

And if anything goes even remotely to plan, this might be the last good chance I have for a while. The coming months will be, I hope, somewhat more intense than the last few months have been, with an eye towards making progress on future plans. To that end, I've found myself contemplating possibilities lately, thinking about how I want the near-ish future to be different from the recent-ish past. I know the general outlines of what I want my life to be, but I've been thinking that I could do with a little more focus on the details. At least a few of them -- I always want to leave room for surprises.

Anyway, here are a few things I've come up with that I think I might like to try to work in over the next 2 - 3 years.

- take up taekwondo (I'm not the fastest or the most graceful, but I bet I could kick the fuck out of some shit)

- build my own Linux machine

- make friends with some crazy old broad with three ex-husbands, and go out drinking and ogling boys with her

- spend more time in the woods

- spend more time by the water

- spend more time gawking at stars (and learn how to use my telescope)

- learn more about using sound (listening to it, recording it, manipulating it, etc.)

- pick up some music theory (at least enough to converse intelligently)

- shift to eating seasonally/locally (I don't know if this is even really possible in the south)

- go traveling somewhere intimidating on my own

- go traveling somewhere intimidating with a companion

- finally frame all these goddamn posters/art pieces/bits of miscellaneous ephemera

- get really, really good at some new skill (ideally something that hasn't even occured to me yet)

- get paid for writing something

- construct something really complicated that does something useless and/or pointless (because I can, damn it)

Really I should just pull together a "100 Things in 1000 Days" list and get to work. But this, I think, is enough to start. The thing I've really been thinking about lately is that it's high goddamn time -- distressingly past time -- that I shook off the Memphis Malaise and started thinking like a person with potential again. I didn't realize how completely I'd fallen into the habit of assuming that effort will always be futile, that progress will always be slow and painful, that work will never be recognized, until I started thinking about going somewhere entirely new. Not that a change of place is the solution to everything, obviously, but judging from how dead I always seem to end up feeling here, it certainly wouldn't fucking hurt.

But this weekend my little world will smell like fresh bread and chicken soup. So that's not so bad.

PS: Oh, also, if you're interested, I finally got around to plugging one of those little linkroll thingies that are so popular with the kids into the blog template. I've really only started using since I started bouncing between different computers, but I've gotten into the habit now and find myself using it most days, so I figure I might as well milk it for a tiny bit of extra blog content. Anyway, if you look below the links on the left but above the search box, you can see whatever it is that I've decided was worth saving in the last week or so. Because I know you're just fucking dying to see.
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