Monday, May 21, 2007

Okay, I've done it.

I've removed some stuff from the blogroll -- I mean, a lot of stuff. It was a ruthless three-stage process that has left my blogroll roughly half its former size. Basically, if I no longer read it regularly, or if I haven't read it at all in the past six months, and if I don't have some compelling reason for keeping it anyway, it's gone.

It's kind of sad, really -- there was some stuff on the chopping block that I really hated to see go. But there it is -- old dreams chase new dreams away.

There are a few new additions as well, though not as many as I'd like. My blog reading habits are much less political these days and increasingly absurdist, or too specific to be of much interest to anyone else. I really like what I've added, though:

EvolutionBlog (my second-favorite ScienceBlog after Pharyngula)

Vonnegut's Asshole (this one's seriously good)

indexed (webcomic, very popular with the kids)

xkcd (another webcomic, also very popular with the kids)

The Art of the Prank (artful pranking and vaguely-related sorts of things)

I may add a few more as the week goes on because I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but mostly I was just trying to get rid of the old crap. If anyone has some blog/website recommendations, I'd still love to hear them.

Update: I've also just added DaveX's Startling Moniker to the blogroll -- I didn't even have to think about it, his blog is the shit. I don't have any idea what any of this music is, but the guy's obviously passionate about it, and that's all I care about.
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