Thursday, May 31, 2007
Change Is... Good?

I'm thinking about doing a clean XP install on my computer. But I've never done one before -- what do you think? Would it be useful, maybe? Or is it more trouble that it's worth? The thing is, I've been running the original OS installation for about two years now, and I have no doubt that in spite of my vigilance it has been infested with malignant code. None of the antivirus/anti-spyware utilities I've run have turned anything up, but now and then odd things happen that just aren't easily explained any other way. And you know how Windows is: it gets old and the works get all gummed up inside.

And anyway, I'd really like to partition my hard drive differently, and maybe set it up as a dual-boot machine. I mean, there are any number of little changes I could make, apart from restoring that new-Windows smell. On the other hand, it could just as easily be a horrible mistake. I've finally got Firefox running just the way I like it, and last time I checked Thunderbird still wasn't great about archiving old messages. And I've got a lot of messages I'd like to keep.

Also, sometime in the coming months I'll be hitting post #1000 on this blog, and it seems like I should do something nice for the occasion. It has been pointed out by someone who clearly knows a lot about web design (ahem) that my blog looks like, "a piece o' Mead notebook paper," so maybe a top-to-bottom redesign is in order? I can't say I'm particularly enthusiastic about the idea... first, I'm still content with the look of my blog. It's simple, yes, but I think it's clean and accessible. (I'm actually a little uncomfortable with the amount of clutter in the sidebars, so obviously Shaw and I have drastically different ideas about what makes a good site. That boy never met a web gadget he didn't like.)

But the days when I used my blog as my homepage / launching pad are long since over, so I'm open to the idea of change. What would y'all like to see different around here? Not that I'm necessarily going to take your advice, but consider this an invitation to offer some. Be warned, though: if you suggest something really complicated (ie, anything beyond the scope of common HTML or CSS), I'll also expect an offer to help with the coding. Because I fucking suck at coding.
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