Saturday, June 23, 2007
The One Before

The pressure of post #1000 is killing me -- honestly, you have no idea. It's crushing my creativity like a bug. I've got one likely candidate post sitting in my drafts folder, but there's nothing particularly 1000-ish about it except that it's long and it rambles.

I hit a bunny with my car yesterday. I was almost home when a little brown rabbit darted out into the road and made a beeline for my front wheel. I tried to miss it, but I heard it go crunch under the car; when I looked in my rear-view mirror, though, there wasn't anything behind me. When I got out of my car I didn't see anything unusual, and I only hoped that some owl or vulture would come deliver it from its misery as soon as possible.

This morning, a rabbit -- or more accurately, about 70% of a dead rabbit -- appeared next to my car. Its left side was sheared away -- fur, flesh, ribs, leaving just an opening into its little chest cavity. Its spine was snapped cleanly in two. Everybody thought the cat did it. I only wondered where it had gotten lodged in my car, and how it had gotten out.

There is nothing in this world I hate more than hitting little animals; they haunt me for days afterwards. I apologized profusely to the bunny. I feel really, really guilty and awful -- not that it's dead, I'm not especially squeamish about death -- but that it must have suffered.

One more damn reason to get rid of my car.

The next post will be #1000. Any suggestions? Last chance...
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