Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ugh -- the Fourth of July. I'm not such a fan.

The Fourth is the speed bump in my summer, the bottleneck in my temporal freeway. There isn't much in it that I feel very enthusiastic about -- I'm indifferent to hot dogs, I don't drink beer, I don't fish or go to stock car races or enjoy John Wayne movie marathons or get teary-eyed at Lee Greenwood endlessly, tritely singing about how he's proud to be an American. This isn't a holiday for me. It's just something to tolerate until it's over, with perhaps the small consolation of a barbecue in there somewhere. Except then you have to sit outside in the heat and listen to old people talk about lawn mowers.

And it's even worse this year because apparently it's going to last for a good ten days. I would work if I could, but my office is closed. So I'll be hiding in my room until the family supper, and then afterwards maybe going to a movie. Maybe I'll go see Sicko. Nothing like a little liberal America-bashing to celebrate a patriotic holiday.

Anyway, the good news is that, assuming things go to plan, three months from tomorrow I'll be far, far away from this red state. From next week on it's a clear shot, and I know it's going to be agonizingly slow and yet go alarmingly quickly. I am looking keenly forward to the fall. The beginning of my October is going to be epic. And all I have to do between now and then is do my work, do my editing, and mark off the days.

Come on, October.
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