Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay, here's a topic for a blog post: people who won't shut the fuck up.

Jesus Hillary Christ, do you people have to talk every fucking minute of the day? Does your brain cease to function if the hinge on your cannoli-hole stops wagging? Is there a thirty-second-idle shutdown command embedded in your OS? Are you really incapable of just sitting in peaceful silence for more than three minutes at a stretch?

What the fucking fuck is wrong with these people? It's not conversation, it's not discussion; it's just prattle, endless, void-filling gasbaggery. They're talking to fill in the time between the talking they do for their jobs. Then other people come in, not doing anything, just showing up and talking about nothing.

Enclosed, shared office spaces are cruel, cruel places for quiet people. Sometimes they try to get me to talk, too. Sometimes I walk by, and they say, "boy, you sure are quiet!" I want to tell them to try it sometime, it really clears the mind. Instead I roll out my standard line about being a ninja in my time off. That one goes over big in an office setting, and they forget to be suspicious of my silence.

It isn't talking as such that I have a problem with -- I talk too, when I have a reason. It's just this pointless yap that people seem to use to cover up the fact that nothing else is happening inside their heads. There's no underlying thought involved; if I asked them to repeat what they said ten minutes ago, I doubt any of them could. The only apparent respite is the sweet tepid glow of the television, which does their talking for them. But TV noise is as grating as this kind of vacuous space-filling monologue.

Yes, I'm being mean; no, it doesn't literally hurt anything and I should be more patient. But when you're surrounded by noise all day, it gets harder to hear the things that matter, the sounds that have meaning. that, and my brain can't quite filter out your riveting theories about the best colors for highlighters, and it's interfering with my work. I mean good goddamn, is thirty minutes of peace really so much to ask?
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