Thursday, August 09, 2007
Working Title

Sweet Jesus, things are moving so fast all of a sudden. It seems like week before last I was telling people I still had twelve weeks to go, and now I look up and it's barely more than six. I woke up at 3 AM last night, all a-flutter over everything I have to get done -- not anxious, just caught off-guard by my own racing mind. I think I said something a few weeks ago about hoping to take a leisurely approach to this move. Clearly I failed to appreciate that the words "leisurely" and "move" are mutually exclusive, no matter how on top of things you are.

After that last post, I realized that I have to get this trailer done before I go. I need some fresh work to show people, on the very off-chance that an opportunity arises. And knowing that I'm unlikely to manage it once I get there, it's crucial that I get it done now, before I leave. So I've re-doubled my efforts at getting these fucking tapes captured and logged -- I've got 18 to go. I can get two more done tonight, and then four each on Friday and Saturday, and go into next week with only eight left. If I can manage that, then I can start rendering (which is obnoxiously time-consuming but light on mental resources as there's not much to do but monitor the process), and use that time to do the final round of studying for the A+ exam and running a lot of little errands that need doing. Then I take the exam, do the edit, and then focus on the move.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

I need some help with something, though. I've spent the last year of my life shooting this film, right? I've been thinking about it for even longer. I'm in the process of reviewing my material, and soon I'll be starting to actually piece it together into a narrative. But I have a totally unexpected problem: I have no title for this thing.

Usually I can pull a title for anything out of my ass in thirty seconds or less -- they're not all poetry, but I think I have a respectable hit rate. But for this one, I just keep coming up empty. Even my working title is pathetic -- "MTC Film." I mean, fuck, surely I can do better than that? And I try and try to come up with something -- even something bad, something stupid, just to give it a real name. But after more than a year, I've got absolutely fucking nothing.

It's a film about teachers in the Mississippi delta. What should it be called? Help me!
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