Monday, September 03, 2007
Labor Day

God, I love Labor Day. Much more this year than most, but the more of them I see, the more I appreciate it. If Memorial Day is the quasi-patriotic holiday that now serves primarily to mark the beginning of summer (of which I am no fan), then Labor Day is the quasi-socialistic holiday that now serves to mark the end of summer and the beginning of fall (which I love.) Autumn is my season. The fall always fills me with love and hope and optimism and giddy enthusiasm. I want chilly weather and drizzle and an excuse to pull out my boots and warm clothes. Fall: bring it.

After the slow start on Friday, I pulled myself together and whooped ass for the remainder of the weekend. I got an ungodly amount of work done, and it was some of the most onerous stuff on my list -- all that obnoxious cleaning and hauling. I am now covered with bruises and scratches, but I'm deeply satisfied and feeling lighter, as if relieved of a burden. I think I dragged half my old life out to the garbage this weekend, and it feels fucking good to be rid of it.

I still need to edit. And my first A+ exam is this Friday, though I'm feeling more confident now than I was a week ago. I'm going to be doing some cramming, but only on the details, not the big concepts. And after everything I've gotten done the last few days, I think I'll be much more able to concentrate on mental work, knowing that I've got some of the more practical stuff well in hand.

Three weeks and three days to go ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod.
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