Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Ready To Get On With It

So, yeah, I guess that's it. I'm all packed up -- my entire life fit into thirty 12x12x18 boxes -- and the trailer's loaded. I went and saw my other remaining Memphis friend tonight. I've got all my maps and directions and stuff ready to go. There isn't really much left to do but try to get a little sleep tonight.

So you probably won't see much more here until I get to Portland and into my temporary home -- a little over a week, probably. I've had near-constant butterflies in my stomach for four days; I've had several powerful rounds of deja-vu; every night I've woken up two or three times with my heart pounding and mind racing, and then struggled to get back to sleep in spite of the adrenaline. I feel as though, after all the build-up, I should write something really meaningful tonight. But all I feel is nervous and ready to go, ready to just get on with it, ready to get to whatever it is I've been working toward all this time.

So, goodbye Memphis. Bye Mississippi, can't say I'm all that sorry to leave. Bye Doug and Morgan, I really will miss you, but I expect I'll see you both again. Bye Mom, I love you.

You'll hear from me again soon.
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