Sunday, October 21, 2007
One More Before Bed

A few more notes about Portland, before I forget them:

There's a lot of rain in this city, a fact of which I was well aware and completely prepared to accept. What you don't hear about as much, though, is that with a lot of rain comes a lot of rainbows. I've been seeing them all the time since I got here -- in fact, one of the first things I saw on my way into town that first day, driving through the cascades just before sunset, was a huge rainbow to the west. And I know it sounds silly, but they always make me feel better.

Last night I was walking to the supermarket when a car pulled up right alongside and just past me. I hesistated; then the passenger door opened, a blonde woman in a backless red dress leaned out, and heaved her guts up. Several times. Noisily. And it was only 7:30.

They get to have roses and autumn leaves at the same time here.

As I write this, there's a homeless dude with a shopping cart wheeling beneath my window overlooking Division. He's ranting his ass off. I can't make out any of what he's saying.
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