Saturday, November 24, 2007
Premature Congratulations

... to my darling Smithers and all his Aussie kindred on the incipient ouster of John Howard.

Two assholes down, and one evil fucking douchenozzle to go.

(Sorry, hon, I'll try to last longer next time.)

PS: for my fellow Americans, in Australian, "Liberal" = right-wing fuckhead. Don't try to make it make sense.

PPS: And as long as I'm here, happy birthday to Smithers as well! He's like 39 years old today, so I'm going to be gentle and lay off the teasing this year. Because next year, by god, is going to be epic.

Seriously, though, my love for Smithers abides no matter how old and musty he becomes. In honor of this important day, I've decided to break with my longstanding edict against video posts, and slap up my first ever embedded YouTube video! Yay Smithers! Because after this many years, I know how to speak his language...

Happy birthday, Shug!

PS: Probably safe for work, but you might want to, y'know, turn your speakers down some.
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