Thursday, November 08, 2007
Progress Report #3

As of today, I finally have a paying job -- I've gotten a suitably slackerish, hipsterish job at a book store. Sadly, it's the big corporate chain store -- I know better than to name one's corporate employer on a blog, so let's just cunningly refer to it as "Fnorders." I'm torn about that, because one of the things I love best about Portland is the presence of Powell's, and let's face it, Fnorders is basically the anti-Powell's. Given my preference, I would much rather work at the independent book mecca than the corporate chain store. But Powell's basically never hires -- people want to work there too badly, so positions rarely open up; and even when they do, they go to dedicated career booksellers and not casually-employed noobs like me. So the real difference is that Fnorders is offering a paycheck (plus free coffee and a useful discount), and Powell's isn't. It's not that I'm disloyal, it's just that I'm desperate.

Still, there it is -- it's money coming in, which I need. And it'll be enough to cover my bills, albeit barely. And yes, it's just a seasonal job for now, although I've been told that the next round of permanent hires will come from this batch, and that already they like the cut of my jib. If it keeps me afloat for a few more months and leaves me flexible enough to take other opportunities that arise, then that's good enough for me. Plus, it's dead easy to get there and back on the bus, which saves me considerable money every week. Plus, it's only a few blocks from the central downtown library -- did you know that all you need to get a library card in Portland is a photo ID? I can even be an out-of-state ID. No proof of residency, no fee to pay, just drop your ID, fill out a little form, and BOOM, library card. Awesome. Next up: registering to vote.

I think maybe I'm going to make it in Portland.
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