Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today was my last day off before Christmas; the next five days are all 12+ hour slogs through the land of retail book sales. It doesn't sound so bad -- hey, five days on, and then finally two days in a row off afterwards, just like a real, live gainfully-employed person -- except that I know by the end of day 3 I'll be ready to drop and/or kill everyone I see, and I'll still have two days to go.

Except in the most superficial sense, Christmas has been canceled this year. I'll be spending it at the Hollywood manning the concession stand, because at least there I get free popcorn. Normally I adore Christmas -- even atheistic, broke me gets into this pseudo-religious consumerist holiday -- but not this year. I just can't face it. I can't even explain what I mean by that. I just want it to roll on by.

Anyway, I have now been in Portland for going on three months. I've learned my way around some, I've made a few initial contacts, and I'm surviving on a day-to-day basis. I got here, and I've made it stick. So it's time to think about what comes next, because I can't live the newcomer's life forever.

So, in the hope that by making it public I'll be forced to live up to it, my agenda for the next six months:

- to move into a place for real, with furniture and my own books and kitchen stuff and everything.
- to finish the film I've been working on forever now
- to start on a new one
- to go to the coast, and maybe take my telescope along and look at stars after the sun goes down over the Pacific
- to go out drinking and wandering around downtown with some interesting people
- to get a better fucking job, one that pays me something closer to what I'm worth and leaves me some energy/motivation/essence vitale for other things
- to sell my car
- to register to vote, and get an Oregon driver's license
- to move a few people past the acquaintance stage and into casual friendship
- to bake bread again
- to go see a movie. Just one. I don't even care what it is.
- to go to a show, ideally by one of these awesome local bands I keep hearing about
- to get a pair of more water-repellent shoes.
- to get a bike, and to start using it.

And I want all that by, say, June. Think I can do it?
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