Monday, December 31, 2007
New Year

This is going to be the first time I've said this on the blog, and I realize that some of you may not quite believe what you're about to read. But I'm going to say it anyway:

That was a damn good year.

I'm ending 2007 with a life that's dramatically different than it was when I began the year. An awful lot has happened since then, but all of it has been in a direction of real progress. Plans were formulated, acted on, realized, and have now begun to sprout new plans. Not everything is perfect, but everything has changed for the better, and I have real hope for the coming year as well.

I still won't make any resolutions. They're just not my thing. But I am sort of using the date as a marker for the end of this transitional phase I've been in. I'm going to spend tomorrow tidying up some disorderly aspects of my life that crept up on me during the exhaustion of the holidays, remnants of old patterns that I'm still trying to break. They've been a small comfort to me during a period when seemingly everything has been unfamiliar and uncertain, but now that I'm feeling more settled into my Portland life, I want to be more active in pursuing the life I imagined for myself when I came here. Although, in most respects, I've already begun living it.

And I'm ready for whatever 2008 brings. I see good things on the horizon.
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