Saturday, December 29, 2007

I woke up around 6 AM this morning, thinking about our sick old cat back home, Aldous. I got back to sleep a while later, and when I awoke again, I found this in my inbox:


I wanted to let you know that Aldous was laid to rest this morning and is now taking his eternal cat nap snuggled right next to Lucy on Daffodil Hill.

He went to sleep purring, a happy laid back cat to the very end.

A sweeter cat never lived. He kept me company on many a lonely night.

I am fine, but this is a bit of a passage for me. He was the cat that appeared the day after Bob died, and he traveled with me all the way from Campbell Street to Church Road. A 15 year journey that took me from rock bottom to happy and content. What a cat.

He declined very quickly this last week and it was apparent that all the cream, tuna and fresh water in the world wasn't going to improve his condition. This morning he wouldn't eat and he was having trouble walking. He stumbled a lot and could barely jump up on the couch. It is never an easy decision. Maybe should have done it before now, and maybe could have pushed it a few more days or weeks, so I guess it was the right time.

He was a damn good cat, our old Mr. Stinky McCrusty. Bye, Mister Aldous.
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