Sunday, December 30, 2007
Urban Scenery

Today was Official Crank Day for me. There was some weird vibe, some acrid aether that seemed to bring out the peculiarity latent in every interaction, and draw the rambling crackpots out of the woodwork.

First there was the distant friend with whom, even once we finally connected, I don't think I really managed to connect. There was a guy on the bus rambling about how he was going to have a crystal surgically implanted in his head or his arm, complete with a pseudo-scientific explanation using a lot of buzzwords misapplied from quantum theory. At work, while I was working on de-flopping and flushing the shelves in the history section, a man decided I was the perfect captive audience for his theories about the American communist party, the imminent demise of the universities, and the efforts of his "research group" to create an alternative to the academy in virtual space. A kid pandhandled me twice at dinner, doing his best Oliver Twist impression, arms outstretched to me, asking plaintively, "please, ma'am, could you spare a dollar?" An old woman with a walker explained to me at considerable length why she will never shop at Fnorders again due to some years-old beef with the company, while paying for a romance novel special order she'd come in to pick up. A batshit nutso bag lady held court outside our doors just before close, threatening random passerby and doing an aggressive little jig at the police when they came to move her along. And the hand-giggler was back on the bus, carrying on an animated conversation with an invisible person hiding behind her handbag.

But hey, who am I to talk?
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