Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Incremental Progress Report

Not much going on, but a few things that occurred just as the year ended:

1) I will be staying on at Fnorders. At least until something better comes along. But I need the paycheck.

2) I will also be staying on at my current residence until the spring. I had a amiable chat with my Head Roommate (ie, the guy that owns the house), and we agreed that we were all officially happy with the arrangement and each other, and that it would be wise and suitable for me to stay for now. Come the spring, he has plans to take in foreign students (he's a former Deadhead and hostel manager, so that's exactly the sort of thing he'd be inclined to do), so at that point he'll need the room available. But I think, by then, that I will also be ready to move on to someplace new, so I think it'll work out just fine. He also dropped my rent considerably (since I'm now a real roomie and not a short-term lodger) because he's a thoroughly decent guy.

3) Tomorrow I'm going to Ikea to buy a small table and a real chair. At present my monitor is set up on a bedside table, and I have to sit on my bed to write. Not conducive to meaningful work. I can't quite swing the desk I really want, but I figure a small table is a useful thing to have wherever you go, and it'll satisfy my needs for a while. But it will be the first piece of actual furniture I've ever bought. Crazy.

4) I have officially decided to shut down this blog. Not right away, of course, and not until I have a new place to post my inane drivellings. But this joint is getting old and musty -- I still use font tags, for pete's sake -- and I can't be bothered overhauling my current arrangements when there are so many newer, better tools available. And the 'Sister Novena' thing just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm kind of tired of having my virtual life so compartmentalized -- blog over here, film stuff over there, and none of it directly tied to me as a three-dimensional human being. I really want just one central home base on the web. This blog will still be here, of course, but I won't update it anymore, and all my blog-related-programs-activities will shift somewhere else. Anyway, more on that as the situation develops.
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