Sunday, January 13, 2008
Time For Stormy Weather

Back in college I had a friend with a talent for coining new slang. One of my favorites was "play local forecast!" -- to be directed at a band that was so hopelessly bad/cheesy/derivative that they might as well start playing the crap heard during the "Local on the 8s" on the Weather Channel. It was "Freebird" for bands consisting of middle-aged white dudes.

But we didn't actually mean it, guys...

At least it serves as a list of performers' names I can now safely ignore.

PS: Speaking of weather, apparently there was a small "tornado" just north of the state line a couple of days ago, and I'm using the word "tornado" in the loosest possible, purely technical sense. There was a bit of localized wind moving in a spiral pattern, and it knocked down a few trees. No one was hurt, no cows were driven head-first intact through telephone poles, and no houses were ripped clean from their foundations and deposited in distant trees. No big whoop.

But damn, it's all people were talking about for two days afterwards. "Did you hear?! A tornado! Oh, I hope I make it home safe!"

Portlanders are very nice people, but they're a bunch of fucking pussies about bad weather.
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