Saturday, February 09, 2008
Admit It, You Don't Care About Any Of This

I have just one more long day to work today, and then finally I get another block of three days off. It's been kind of a stressful week, with several well-intentioned efforts going haywire and leaving me vexed and frustrated. But whatever, fuck it. I guess sometimes you have to know when it's not worth it to give a shit.

I already have plans for at least two of my days off -- things are afoot, new possibilities slowly coming to a simmer. The good news is that this might all herald my departure from Fnorders (though there's always the temptation to stay on, if only a couple of days a week, just for the easy access to books.) The bad news is that my schedule may get complicated again. I'm looking at having an awful lot on my plate, so I have to be careful. But no point in worrying about it before it actually happens.

But, good news! I finally got my voter registration card yesterday, which makes me officially an Oregonian. So I no longer have any excuse to put off getting my proper Oregon driver's license, which is the only obstacle standing between me and legal status for my car, which is the last hurdle to jump before I can sell the damn thing. And while I'll miss having her, it really can't come too soon. She's rapidly turning into an albatross that I'd be best off being rid of. And I can't really afford the gas anymore. It'll still take me a couple of months to do -- there's no small amount of hoop-jumping involved -- but sometime this spring I should finally achieve carless status and finally finish making the transition to pedestrian/bus-rider/cyclist.

So, obviously I need something more substantial to write about. Anyone care to assign me a topic? Because right now my life is pretty much limited to books and ways of avoiding books. Help me out here.
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