Sunday, February 17, 2008

So, like, happy birthday to Doug, who's still one of my favorite people in Memphis and one of a small number of things I genuinely miss about the place. My very first conversation with him, four or five years ago now, centered on the golden age of porn and Wall of Voodoo, and I knew immediately that he and I should be friends. Staying in touch is tricky -- he hates emailing, and I have a psychological block against calling people -- but if I did finally get around to making contact, here's what I'd ask him:

1) Hey, whatever happened with that Afghan Whigs tribute album?

2) When's the next Chess Club album coming out?

3) Do I still get first pick of the tracks from which to make a video?

4) When is Chess Club going to do a tour of the Grate Northwest?

5) Even if it's years from now, if I come visit Memphis, can we still hang out?

And happy birthday to Stefan, who also has curly hair (albeit of an entirely different color) and is currently deeply involved in a Teen Wolf fanfic project. I've rarely met as kind and good a heart as his.

I love my friends, including these two. I hope they both get GI Joes, or whatever else makes them happy.
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