Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crap... most years I do a perfunctory Oscar-prediction post, but I don't think I've got it in me this year. I haven't seen any of the current nominees and have no useful opinions to offer. I can't even speak to the docs this year, having only seen one of them. It's all a big fuck-around anyway. But I hope Jon Stewart does better this year than the first time (not that he was terrible, it's just not really his scene.)

Ironically, I'm going to be spending much of my day today orbiting a rather large, unwieldy Oscar Night party, though I won't be attending the party itself. It's a fund raising event for a group with whom I would be quite pleased to ingratiate myself, so I'm doing some work for them in support of the event. Nothing exciting, but it'll keep me out of the house until late tonight.

Tomorrow, however, is entirely my own. I've stretched myself a bit thin over the last week -- I spent three straight nights out with friends, work nights each and every one -- and I'm feeling a little jaded. It was good for my soul, though, the first time in years I've been able to just go and hang out with people. Most of them were co-workers, but each one brings their own circle of local associates with them, and some of those new people were very interesting.

A couple of nights ago, at my second booze-fueled birthday party of the week, I found myself sitting in a loud bar on East Burnside, working my way through a weak margarita, talking to an opera singer/music writer with two different pretty young men attached (one gay, pretty much hanging off of me, and one straight, more-or-less sitting in my lap -- there are moments when life's not so bad) planning my incipient corruption. It's not that I need to be corrupted, it's just that there are a few pivotal, formative experiences which, at 32, I have yet to undergo. And apparently a few people have decided that it's time, which I was already thinking anyway. (Don't worry, Mom, I won't do anything unhealthy.)

But as I sat there, I managed to step briefly outside the immediate context and regard it from a six-months-ago perspective. And it struck me: these are my Portland friends, or at least the first batch of them. And they're a mixed bunch -- some younger, some my own age, some older; male, female, gay, straight; hip, square, and a few decidedly dorky; and many recent arrivals like me. None of them are close, yet, but one or two probably could be. And the whole thing took me completely by surprise.

Just to note that in passing.

Coming weeks will probably see me equally jaded, for different reasons. Somehow I've committed myself to helping a mob of fifth-grade girls make a video over five week in March and into April. Yeah, that just kind of came out of nowhere, though I think it'll be fun -- messing around with a video camera, without the pressure of doing Good Work or even anything of consequence, always has a tonic effect on me, and nobody's better at just goofing around than a twelve-year-old. I hope to be editing full-steam-ahead soon, too, because I want to get the MTC film done in time to move on to another big film education project in the summer.

You know, for only having been here for four and a half months, I'm not actually doing too badly.
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