Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Memphis Wiped From Face of Earth

Okay, maybe not quite that dire. But still, damn.

Anyway, I've had word that all is well at the family compound in N. MS:

It was as still as can be outside with dark gray green funnel clouds all around us, but thankfully nothing came through our neck of the woods. Evidently the super cell tracked from North Tunica and went around us either on the west or to the east. It went over Bull Frog corner (not a tornado on the ground, but heavy winds) and then went up to Stateline @ Airways where something did a lot of damage. They had walls and roof blown off of several warehouses on Airways and Stateline Rd is actually closed this morning between I-55 and Airways, so you know it was serious.

I miss some things about Memphis, but I'll never miss tornado season. (Wait, is it tornado season? I don't think early February normally counts, does it? But then what the fuck was that?) But I hope and trust that all of my other much-loved Memphis / Mississippi people remain unharmed. Updates would be most welcome.
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