Thursday, February 28, 2008
Time To Move

Well, not quite time, but getting there. I tried an experiment last night, posting a "housing wanted" ad on craigslist, just to see what would happen. I didn't expect much. But within an hour I'd gotten half a dozen replies, and by this morning I'd gotten almost twenty. Most of them, predictably, were hopeless. Two or three were vaguely interesting. One I even drove out this morning to look at. It sounded good, but it was just too far away from things, so I won't be pursuing it further.

The thing is, at this point I'm a pretty solid housemate candidate. I've got a steady job, good local references, I have some time to spend on looking for the right place, and I'm a good fit for a grown-up house, so I figure I can afford to be a little choosy. The trick now is figuring out what it is I really want.And the one thing the trip this morning did yield was my re-discovery of North Portland. I'd driven up there not long after my arrival, but at the time everything was simply unfamiliar and tending to blend together, so it didn't make a big impact. Now that I know the city better, I was better able to discern the character of the area, and I have to say, I really dug it. I could see myself living there.

This evening I was working a volunteer shift at the Hollywood Theatre, and got to chatting with the other girl working. And after the usual warm-up small talk, we established two things: 1) she's from Memphis (the second Memphian I've met in the last eight days), and 2) she's currently living just off N. Mississippi in North Portland. I have, of course, joked about how cool/bizarre/stupid it would be to move from north Mississippi to N. Mississippi, but was actually considering trying to do it for the first time today. And now here, out of nowhere, was someone who'd done more or less exactly that. So I asked her how she liked it, and she told me that she loved it. It's really a pretty awesome little neighborhood, with more diversity (ie, black people) than much of the rest of Portland and lots of interesting stuff going on, plus easy access to downtown and the rest of the east side.

I've decided to take that as a sign. So I guess, while I'm still open to any good possibility, that I'll be aiming north.
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