Thursday, March 27, 2008
Another Shift

I went over to the new house tonight to put down my deposit on the room. So it's all official -- before a week is out, I'll be living in North Portland, near the intersection of Interstate and Alberta.

My new housemates are Bob and Kim. Bob is a friendly bulldog of a guy, stocky, not very tall, round, with a goatee and tats all down his forearms. Kim is his almost-wife (they're marrying in July), a quiet, mousy hippie-ish chick who was wearing something that was a bit like a sari/caftan cross and baking banana bread the first time I met her. They have a big, affectionate dog named Dexter who's still half puppy, and who is, in Bob's words, not merely smart but "calculating."

I hung out with them for an hour and a half or so, doing the getting-to-know-you thing, talking about nothing in particular. Mostly we were comparing notes on British television and various movies. We all have a lot in common. Kim was distant at first, but as things progress she seems to be warming up gradually. They've gone to some lengths to let me know that I'm free to use as much house space as I want, even giving me license to request rearrangements in the kitchen and main common room. I thought that was nice of them, and I find it a reassuring gesture.

I believe it's all going to be cool.

The only hitch is that the girl who's moving out is being a little slower about it than anticipated, so I'm going to be stuck with one big-ass moving day where I have to get everything out of one room and into the other. I'm not looking forward to that part. I also have to go buy a mattress that day -- I'm too old to spend much time sleeping on the floor. And moving is always expensive; there's always crap you have to go buy to make a new space work. Hopefully it won't be much this time, or at least not much that I need urgently.

Still, I find myself a bit sad about leaving this house -- it's become very comfortably familiar, and I was incredibly fucking lucky to be able to land in such a hospitable spot right away. Having a comfy little nook has made all the difference to my stress levels during these first six months, making it relatively easy to make the transition to an entirely new city. I hope I still manage to keep in touch with these guys after I move; I owe them a fair measure of gratitude. I should probably think of something nice to do for them as a goodbye -- what do you do to say "thank you" to two guys?
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