Thursday, April 03, 2008

Today marks six months in Portland.

It doesn't seem like it's been that long; it also seems like it's been a lot longer. At the moment I find myself dealing with the same general disorientation that I was struggling with those first few weeks -- the vague sense that I'm not quite where I'm supposed to be. This is entirely to do with the move, obviously. I'm in a different house, with different people, in a different part of town. And yet this time it's all running parallel to a sense of familiarity -- going to work will be different, but the job will be the same. I'm starting to get a much better sense of how the city is connected, so that my navigation around town is very nearly fluent. Portland isn't yet home, but it's not terra incognita, either.

Another six months should do the trick.

I spent the day getting the day-to-day parts of my life unpacked and put away. My room is pretty much set, and while I wouldn't object to a little more square footage, it fits me well. And having a bathroom of my own is going to be amazing -- I've been living out of my travel kit ever since I got to town, so unpacking all my girly toiletries was a definite high point. Being able to put out my toothbrush and leave it out is the very height of luxury. I have a bathtub, and a linen closet, and a medicine chest, and a cabinet for all those other things that don't really belong anywhere else, and I have two windows that get lots of sunlight. In my room, the window next to my desk looks out on the backyard. I have a view of a tree full of magenta roses, another tree of white roses, the greenhouse, some kind of tree with dark purple buds sprouting on it (there are lots and lots of flowering trees in Portland) and way back next to the fence another tree with roses and some big orange tree. It's a lovely view. My room is quiet, it's sunny, and with the right lighting it's even lovely at night.

The next step will be to unpack the rest of my life, and finally move in for real. Tonight, however, I'm devoting to rest. I spent this evening working with the little girls again, and that used up whatever tiny reservoir of energy I'd managed to replenish. I'm sore, I'm sleepy, and I'm comfortably but totally exhausted.
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