Monday, June 02, 2008
Agenda, Part 2

So, about six months ago I posted a list of things I was hoping to accomplish by now. Let's see how I did, shall we?
- to move into a place for real, with furniture and my own books and kitchen stuff and everything.

- to finish the film I've been working on forever now

Still working on the damn thing. Steady progress is being made, and I'm not about to let it beat me. But let's just say it's something I've been wrestling with.
- to start on a new one

There are currently a number of issues and sore spots associated with this one, so it's probably best not to go into it. Suffice to say there are no serious plans afoot for the time being.
- to go to the coast, and maybe take my telescope along and look at stars after the sun goes down over the Pacific

There are serious plans to accomplish this one within the next couple of weeks, telescope and all. A few of us are driving to the coast for the day to hang out and look for sea creatures. It'll be good for me.
- to go out drinking and wandering around downtown with some interesting people

Check, check, and check. I've nailed this one down several times over, and a few of those excursions didn't even involve strip clubs.
- to get a better fucking job, one that pays me something closer to what I'm worth and leaves me some energy/motivation/essence vitale for other things

I don't even want to talk about it.

(Although I will say that the Fnorders job has gotten a lot easier since I wrote this, which helps. So it's not a complete failure. But that's a pretty sorry excuse for consolation.)
- to sell my car
- to get a bike, and to start using it

So far laziness has prevailed, and my car remains parked outside my house. However, with summer upon us and gas at $4/gal., these are now top priorities. It's time anyway.
- to register to vote, and get an Oregon driver's license

Half credit for this one -- I'm registered to vote, but I'm still carrying my Mississippi license. This is technically illegal. But spending a day at the DMV is a powerful de-motivator.
- to move a few people past the acquaintance stage and into casual friendship

Friendships have been tricky territory since I got here -- some I'd have liked to establish failed to take root due to circumstance, and some that were seemingly strong have started to founder. There's been some delight in new people, and grief over others. So it's been a mixed bag. And while I've theoretically managed this one, I can't bring myself to regard it as complete -- it's something I'd carry over regardless, since there are always more interesting people around. I have an actual plan now to get myself in contact with more new people and expand my social circle some more.
- to bake bread again

Nope, not yet. I should, though.
- to go see a movie. Just one. I don't even care what it is.

- to go to a show, ideally by one of these awesome local bands I keep hearing about

- to get a pair of more water-repellent shoes.

And check.
And I want all that by, say, June. Think I can do it?

Apparently not. But there's no point in getting frustrated by it, so I'll just acknowledge and move on to the next thing. And obviously this doesn't take into account all the small things that happened that I didn't plan to do, but were still cool. I've got four months until my one-year anniversary in Portland. So, my new agenda:

- get this goddamn film DONE
- replace my car with a bike
- find, say, half a dozen or so new associates, ideally people who have nothing to do with Fnorders or filmmaking
- start working on my skillz, whether as part of a formal project or not; and the specific skillz to be worked on TBD, depending on my fancy at the moment.
- bake bread again

We'll see how it goes, I guess. Who knows what might happen?
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