Saturday, June 21, 2008
Dull, Dull, Dull

Tonight it was another lousy margarita at another cheap downtown bar. My friends take me to a different bar every time we go out, and the quality of the margaritas seems to be steadily declining as we go. I have yet to find a really good one, though admittedly, the places we're going are known less for the quality of their booze and more for its cheapness. But tonight's was the worst of the bunch, not really a margarita at all; it was more like a screwdriver made with tequila and a few lime wedges chucked in. Drinkable, but not worth getting more than one.

But then, the booze isn't not the point. The point is to forge relationships. The empty space in the middle of the table is where friendships form and where idle talk turns into ideas and plans. More than bad margaritas, these nights out are getting me possible future collaborators, or at least a better grade of roommate next time around.

The Wednesday trip to the coast turned into one of those rare, perfect days. It was the right friend in the right place on the right day, the kind of day one might remember fondly for a long, long time. And today I found myself downtown with a couple of empty hours in which to wander aimlessly. And I realized that for the first time, even without having fully explored the streets, I knew my way around without having to think about it. For the first time, Portland felt like my city.

Project Youth Doc starts next week, and then runs through mid-July. So I'll either have a lot to talk about, or no energy to talk about anything. I'm not sure how it's going to work out yet. Between my days working there, I'll be spending every available day at Fnorders in order to minimize my losses on that end so I can maximize the benefit on the other. But hopefully my PYD working days will be shorter and much, much more lucrative. That also means that tomorrow is likely my last day off for several weeks. So I've got a nice little list of stuff I have to get done while I've still got a chance.

So, yeah, all very dull, but for good and positive reasons.
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