Friday, July 11, 2008
The End, For Me, Of PYD

Today was my last day. I took our star pupil and one of the interns around to grab a little more b-roll, so my day basically consisted of earning four times my current pay rate to hang around in the park. The other two girls went off with the other intern in tow to do a few more interviews. David, the other instructor, was dealing with our wayward students elsewhere, and I'm still waiting to hear how that turned out.

So that's it for me for this. The kids will be editing for another week, and then I'll get to see their films (however many of them reach completion) at the big screening at the Hollywood at some point in the middle-distant future. It was an agreeable change from my current daily toil, but now it's back to the book floor almost-full-time for me.

But there's always something else to do. An increasingly good friend has gotten it into his head to write a screenplay, and I have agreed to collaborate. At this point, I'm not assuming that it will ever be anything serious, but even so, a little unstructured creative playtime with an enthusiastic companion would be good for me. Hanging out with him -- which we've been doing a lot of lately -- seems to have me thinking outside the borders of my usual creative territory, thinking about writing and working in forms and genres that I don't normally spend much time on. His influence seems to be expansive rather than focused, which is a good change. Focus is important, but too much emphasis on it can lead to suffocation. Maybe the best approach to a sputtering creative fire is to lay on some new and different fuel.

And now that the money from PYD is hitting my bank account, it's getting to be time to go get my bike. I'm a little timid about it -- I'm going to be awfully slow and uncertain at first. It'll be quite a while before I'm up to handling serious traffic. But everybody has to begin somewhere, I guess, and this is where I find myself, so this is where I'll start.

This Sunday, my roomates are getting married in Overlook Park. There'll be strangers in the house, visiting friends/relatives (I'm not sure which) from Germany and South Africa. That'll be really cool, but probably also deeply annoying. My roomates have promised to keep them out of my space, but I'm realistic enough to know that this joint is going to be fucking crowded. My guess is that they'll finally leave us in peace a couple of weeks before the baby turns up (which is expected to happen next month sometime.)

Looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of time hiding in my room.
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