Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Obligatory Blog Post For The First Week Of August 2008

I have an acquaintance in town, visiting from Memphis. As it happened, I had a few days off coinciding with his visit, so I took him out and showed him around a little. He's contemplating moving to town, so I told him what I could about what it's like to live here. It probably wasn't the optimum time for me to be doing that -- I'm going through a phase where I'm feeling ragged and frayed around the edges, and a little angst-ridden. But I did my best. It's not like Portland needs a hard sell anyway.

The first night I went to hang out with him, we ended up at a bar/restaurant on Alberta. He's apparently a vegan now, so he was concerned about finding a place where he could eat -- I tried to explain to him how extensive the veggie population is here, and how universally they are provided for at every joint in town that isn't solely dedicated to animal flesh. It's a natural instinct for a southern vegetarian to worry that he won't be able to eat except in a tiny number of dining establishments, but it's just not an issue here. Still, upon selecting a pizza from the menu, he wanted to confirm that it was indeed vegan, so he asked the waitress.

"Well, it's on pita bread, so it's got wheat it in."

We looked at each other... wheat?

"Yeah, so there's yeast. Some vegans won't eat yeast."

And this has been bugging me ever since. Why the hell would a vegan refuse to eat yeast? It's a fungus, not an animal. It already resides in your gut, on your skin, and in every nook and cranny of every orifice you possess. Every time you inhale, you ingest a squillion of the motherfuckers. I mean, would a vegan refuse to eat a mushroom? So then what's the problem with yeast?

I'm thinking she was really talking about the gluten-avoiders, which is a whole other thing, but makes more sense considering the wheat warning. Either that, or this "vegan" thing has gotten waaaaay out of hand.

There's maybe/possibly some borderline interesting stuff coming up: work stuff, side-project stuff, personal transportation stuff, and pretty soon, I guess, some home-life stuff. So I expect I'll have more to talk about in the near future. I'm getting better at the daily writing (though I've missed a few mornings), and it's yielding some small benefits, mostly in the form of an uptick in my creativity and general interest level. But it also means that I don't feel like writing as much on the blog. And when I lack obvious material, I have a harder time getting myself to sit down and squeeze out one of these bullshit posts.

Sometimes I wish blogging could work both ways. The problem with this medium is that y'all can read everything about me (though why you'd want to I wouldn't hazard to guess), but I don't really get to hear anything about you. Maybe I'll start making shit up about all of you and posting that instead of the daily minutia of my own life. At least it would give us something to talk about.
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