Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Bike Love

Yeah, so, sorry for the silence this week. I'm writing a post to go up in a few days, but mostly all I've been thinking about is 1) Kurt Vonnegut; 2) my bike; and 3) politics. And I don't have much to say about any of those things that y'all don't already know.

Have I mentioned, though, that I love my bike? I wish it were more huggable, because I'd definitely hug her if it weren't for all the hard pointy bits. I still can't ride as far or as fast as I want to, but that will come with time. As it is, I'm riding it to work more often than not, and getting the hang of riding in heavy traffic and all that other stuff that comes with riding in the city. And the city changes completely from a bike. Portland is peculiarly bike-scaled for an American city -- you could ride clear across the east side in 30 minutes. From my house, it's a short fifteen-minute ride to the supermarket; or I can buy flowers or go to the video store, I can buy Italian pastries, Mexican coke, or obscure Indian spice mixtures. I can go out for breakfast, I can go read in the park, I can shop for shoes or tools or specialty light bulbs, I can pick up a pizza, I can get to one of the better show venues in town, or I can go get a damn fine margarita. And that's just within a range of a short, easy ride, up here in my unhip, transitional neighborhood. That's not even crossing the river or getting on a bus.

It's pretty nice, that's all I'm saying. And it literally makes me happy -- I feel better in general on days when I ride. Only six weeks since I got back on a bike for the first time in twenty years, and already a day without riding feels like a day wasted. I'm going to miss driving, which I've always loved; but I think I can be satisfied with this instead.

Anyway, I'll post again in a few days.
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