Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Election Day/Night

I expect to have laptop and WiFi access tonight, so I'm starting a running post for whatever election day miscellanea seems worth documenting.

For the record, my prediction for the night is Obama 364, McCain 174.

(11/5, replaced prediction map with current EV map)

Update: Well, the comfy corner in a friendly bar thing worked out great -- some friends came to hang out and watch, we were surrounded by Obama supporters, it was an amazing night. Unfortunately, the WiFi thing didn't work out as well, but I guess you can't have everything unless you plan farther ahead than I did.

Still, this was a fucking beautiful day. In the bar, when the election was called, when McCain conceded, when Obama gave his speech -- people were laughing, cheering, crying, dancing, hugging each other. To see that much emotion at what was a relatively self-possessed election party should tell you something about how much this meant to all of us. Even going home, people were cheering on the train, cheering all up and down the street, laughing and singing and calling to each other.

Just keep saying it: President Obama, President Obama, President Obama. Those are some sweet words. Happy, happy night.
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