Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Is That the November Chill I Feel, or is it the Icy Hand Of Death?

I'm coming to this a little later than I wanted to, but it's my beautiful Christopher's birthday today! Or tomorrow, except sort of yesterday-ish as well -- the time difference between here and Australia still baffles me. Anyway, sometime around this approximate date is Chris' birthday, so happy 39th... wait, is that right?


Holy shit dude, are you really 39? For reals?! Good lord... that means you'll be 40 next year. That's fucking middle-aged... you're going to be my first middle-aged friend. Statistically halfway between cradle and grave. You might even have to start taking your first medications soon -- will it be statins? Maybe arthritis pills? Something for blood pressure? God, this is all going to take some time to digest.

And speaking of needing time to digest, it'll also be my friend Diana's birthday on Thursday, which is why I'm going ahead and getting her in now, since nobody will be bothering with this lame blog on Thanksgiving I hope. Even I have better things to do that day than hang around here.

Anyway, I count both Chris and Diana among my most reliable, steadfast friends, two of those tiny number of people you get during your lifetime who stick around in spite of everything, even though they're not related to you and thus free of obligation. These guys have seen my life change and then change back and then change again, the distances between us (both geographic and temporal) widening and narrowing, and yet they're still here for me, and I'm still here for them.

Happy birthday to both of you, I love you more than you could know.
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