Friday, December 05, 2008
Do You Know What Today Is?

Yup, that's right! It's the 75th anniversary of the final repeal of prohibition! Yay booze! And it's a Friday, so unless you have a crappy job like me, you probably don't even have to work tomorrow, so you should go exercise your not-constitutionally-forbidden right to get totally and appallingly shitfaced! Except that I also don't have to work tomorrow, or even today, because I'm smart and planned ahead. Because before Fnorders closes tonight, and quite possibly well into tomorrow, I intend to be in no fit condition to work! Because tonight I'm going to get as drunk as I'm likely to get all year! Yay me!


Sister's buds all rush to buy her a pint of the one beer she likes

So yeah, me and my friends're all going out tonight -- dinner, then tiki cocktails, and then the neighborhood bar where the main bartender declared me "his new favorite" (though he probably says that to everybody.)

Sister's stable of boyfriends compete to see who can charm their way home with her

Finding myself with a little extra cash, my special 75th-anniversary-of-the-repeal-of-prohibition gifts to myself were tickets to go see the Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! live show in January, and the MST3K 20th anniversary boxed set. Because while I don't watch very much TV, I'm apparently nearly fanatical about cultish basic-cable comedy shows. And tomorrow I'll probably go see Synechdoche, New York, because I also love cultish, incomprehensible films.

What's that, Amy? You want us to play Tears for Fears' "Head Over Heels" on an endless repeating loop? Sure thing, you got it!

I happen to know that one of my friends is giving me a copy of a certain fucking-amazing film on DVD because I've been wanting to do a Wicker Man/Zardoz double feature for a couple of months now.

Malibu for everyone!

Some people think it's silly to celebrate the repeal of a misbegotten constitutional amendment much past, say, the 20th anniversary, or at least unseemly to make a big thing out of it. But no matter how much time passes, I always find myself in a good mood on December 5th every year. I guess social liberties just make me all sentimental.

Yay me!
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