Wednesday, December 31, 2008
So This Is The New Year

That was a pretty hard year.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it was a bad year. It wasn't -- in fact it was a pretty good year in most respects. We got a lot done this year. It was just a lot of hard work. I'm coming to the end of 2008 feeling more like I've survived it rather than lived it. It's felt like an insular year, a year in which I just put my head down and pushed forward as best I could. And everything I did was what had to be done -- not always fun, not always what I'd have wished, but necessary in the moment.

Which isn't the most glowing appraisal ever, I know. But if 2007 was about generating change, for me, 2008 was about making those changes stick. It wasn't exactly a year for thriving, but it was a year in which just holding steady was in itself a small victory. Sometimes maintaining your position is the best you can do, I guess.

I admit to a little apprehension about 2009, the same as anyone else. There's so much potential for things to go wrong. But there's also such great promise of better things coming -- Bush is out, and a man who is his refutation personified will soon be in. I've lost a couple of people, but I've developed half a dozen very strong new friendships -- the former had more to offer, but if anything, the latter have a lot more to give. I hate my job, but I love my city. I'm still poor and often feel unappreciated, but I'm safe and secure and I have more now than I did a year ago.

Things fall apart. But there's always something new springing up just behind.

PS: Incidentally, does anyone know a friendly physicist and/or cosmologist who might be willing to answer some (probably pretty stupid) questions? They don't have to be professors or anything, just someone who has a solid grounding in the subject.
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