Saturday, April 18, 2009
My Awesome Aunt Vicky

My Aunt Vicky is my favorite aunt. I mean, I've got a few cool aunts, and I don't mean to diminish their importance. But Vicky is particularly special. She gives me a sense of continuity with my mother's side of the family, demonstrates that I make sense as a part of the extended clan. My mom is awesome, but there are traits that I share more in common with Vicky -- the bookishness, the unapologetic liberalism, a certain kind of mellow, it'll-all-work-out-in-the-end philosophy. She was arguably the one among her siblings most willing to step outside of the life that was expected of her, and go off on her own path, a proud tradition among a certain kind of woman in our family.

And I suppose a beloved aunt is a bit like having another mom, except one who doesn't always get on your case about the same old mom stuff.

Anyway, today is my Aunt Vicky's birthday, and it's a bit of a landmark occasion. I don't think she would object to stating her age -- in fact, I bet she's rather proud of the accomplishment -- but I'll still leave her to give the precise number if she cares to.

So a very, very happy birthday to my Aunt Vicky, whom I admire and respect and love very much.
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